Websafe needs to be disabled for VM ISP users

If you have virgin media, you need to disable websafe: With Virgin media the tool you want to disable is called Websafe. To do this please follow these steps.  • Register or sign in at http://www.virginmedia.com/myvirginmedia with your primary username and password.  • Click on My Apps  • Click on Overview  • Turn both Virus Safe ... Read More »

23rd Sept 2019
World IPTV server problem due to Xtream code Problem

All of our customer sorry to say all over the world IPTV problem because of Xtream Code Caught by Police and Xtream Code all System Down. What is the Xtream Code?It's web-based software to run IPTV Server management and Dashboard to manage the client.So please I request my all customer please be patient and wait 7/10 days to run our ... Read More »

18th Sept 2019