Apr 10th Stay away from Mag boxes & Infomir ! If blocked here how to solve it

Since infomir decided to block our service,  we strongly recommend you to buy a different box than mag one!If you got blocked and got the message that portal is blocked, just use the backup portals. Don't make any update of your mag and use older firmware. We recommend using Tvip, Formula or android box with STB emu pro, also Smart STB in ... Read More »

Nov 26th About Mag250 problems to load portal

Mag250 same than the Siptv app on smart tv is a very old box and can't handle all amount of channels and VOD we have (more than 90,000 content..)

So you have two solutions: 
- Ask as to remove VOD from your account if you want to keep using it.
- Buy new mag model such as mag322  

Nov 6th UK Clients need VPN for watching live matches !

Due to UK ISP block, we no more guarantee the service to run on sports channels at match time in the UK without using a VPN! This only affecting UK Sports channels, all non-sport channels should work fine. So UK clients need to use a VPN if they want to watch the UEFA & 3 pm matches. After matches, all should run without needing a VPN ... Read More »

Oct 11th About ISP Block !

We provide a perfect service with world class quality!

If your ISP blocks IPTV you can't blame as ! you need to change ISP or use VPN.

We guarantee quality and continuity of delivery, but when it comes to something related to your ISP & to your Internet connection we can't do anything! It's not something related to our service!